Contemporary Jewellery

I am a strong believer in simplicity and design.

Each of my pieces is solely designed and made by myself in my studio in Aix en Provence in the beautiful South of France.

I prioritise the power of simplicity to create captivating and lasting statement jewellery for you.


Sabine Werner Jewellery

Sustainability means a lot to me.

I believe that everyone can make a difference, even if it's only a small one.

For my jewellery, I use eco silver and recycle silver as much as possible.

To ensure minimal waste, I put a lot of thought into my packaging.

The gemstones I use are mainly sourced by myself from shops and fairs.

  • solely handmade

    the most fascinating part of my work

  • genuine sea glass

    hand collected at the shores of the Mediterranean of the French Riviera

  • Lola

    my beloved studio buddy

  • from scratch